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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to BBSCoin (BBS) [ Bulletin Board System Coin ]

BBSCoin was created to be used as a redemption cryptocurrency for forums or websites. It provides the software and plugins needed to run on some of the top bulletin board systems. Also, BBSCoin is mineable, you may participate in mining it and receive reward shares for it. If you would like to integrate BBSCoin into your application, please take a look under the Development / Integration section.

BBSCoin provides the following main files:
Node Daemon [ bbscoind | bbscoind.exe ] It's a command line software that let's you run your own BBSCoin node. Nodes help support the BBSCoin network by relaying transactions between each node and keeping the blockchain synchronized(confirmed transactions).
Simple Wallet [ simplewallet | simplewallet.exe ] It is like the GUI Wallet, but only text in command line. It also allows you to convert from mnemonic words to private key.
Wallet Container [ walletd | walletd.exe ] Containers are designed to handle multiple wallets within it. It allows exchanges and websites to provide an internal individual wallet account for their users.
GUI Wallet [ bbscoinwallet | bbscoinwallet.exe ] Gives you a graphical wallet, where you may create your individual wallets.
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