Basic configuration

In the following configuration example, we will be setting xmr-stak to use just an AMD GPU.

Copy the following JSON settings into your text editor and save it as text file called: pools.txt, in to the xmr-stak folder where it contains the executable files.

"pool_list" :
		"pool_address" : "",
		"rig_id" : "",
		"pool_password" : "x",
		"use_nicehash" : false,
		"use_tls" : false,
		"tls_fingerprint" : "",
		"pool_weight" : 1
"currency" : "bbscoin",

Replace the PORT in "pool_address" to match a your desired difficulty port from the Mining page. Should look like "". Then, change the "walletaddress" to your walletAddress.difficulty | Making it look similar to this, but with your address and difficulty. If you will use multiple devices/rigs to mine, add a "rig_id" to each configured, specialy if from same IP address.


We will navigate to the xmr-stak folder, and run: ./xmr-stak --noCPU --noNVIDIA . This tells it to not load those drivers, so only the AMD GPU drivers will be loaded.

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