BBSCoin Docs


You wallet should synchronize automatically to the main nodes. If after 15 minutes you do not see a change in synchronization, you may need to change it to use a Remote daemon node by doing the next steps. You may also switch to Remote daemon if you do not want to store a copy of the blockchain on your device. NOTE: The wallet would not let you do anything transaction related until it is fully synchronized.
On your BBSCoin GUI wallet, go to Settings on the menu, and select Preferences.
Settings menu view
A windows like the one shown below will appear, please change the [ Connection ] options to look like the one pictured. "Remote daemon" must be selected, with Host:, and Port: 20204. Then please click on the [ SAVE ] button. If the wallet doesn't start to synchronize after changing to "Remote daemon", you may need to File, Exit the program, wait like a minute, then restart the program.